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Apple Screen Time Setup - Parental Controls Fine Tuned for Your Family.

Apple Screen Time is great for families using iPhones, iPads and Mac Computers. Leveraging individualized iCloud accounts, “ask to buy” and customizing the Apple Screen time features like downtime, app limits, communication limits, content and privacy restrictions. The end result provides you with real-time information on how your children are using their devices, protecting them from adult content and ensuring they are only being offered age appropriate content. Parents can approve or deny apps right from their iPhone, iPad or Mac computers. Best of all, no jail breaking is required!

screen time key features

Screen Time Pros - App Limits
Screen Time Pros - Downtime
Screen Time Pros - Communicatio
Screen Time Pros - As to buy
Screen Time Pros - Device Changes
Screen Time Pros - Reporting and Analytics

App Limits: Limit your child’s device time by setting a daily limit. Once the time limit is reached, the apps stop working. More time can be requested electronically and approved by the parents.

Downtime: Establish bedtime hours to prevent your children from using their devices all night.

Communication Limits: Manage your child's contacts and control who they can contact via phone, FaceTime, messages and for emergencies. Limit contacts during downtime.

Ask to Buy: Allows the parent to make the decision which apps should be allowed. Children can browse the app store and request to buy or download free app. The defined parents can choose, after review, if they want their child to have the app. No need to give your children their iCloud password. The permissions are automatically exchanged upon approval.

Limit Device Changes: Limit your children from changing their passwords and account settings.

Analytics: Real time and weekly reporting let you identify how your children are using their devices. How much time is spent all the way down to individual websites visited and the apps they are using.

Screen Time Pros - Analytics

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High Level Requirements: 

Apple Screen Time is for Apple products only. The Parent / Child relationship in iCloud is managed by assigning unique user names to each user. 

Requirements for Parents: 

At least one parent must have an iPhone, iPad or Mac Book to provision and manage a child iCloud account. The parent account must be unique from each child or children. 

Requirements for your Children:

Your children must have their own devices, tied to their own personal iCloud account. This account will be provisioned using their date of birth and allow a parent or both parents to manage the account all the way down to individual websites visited and the apps they are using.

Physical Access:

All devices must be available on site for configuration and validation. 

Software Updates:

Please make sure all devices are running the latest OS and application updates. This will prevent delays in our service.

Accounts & Passwords:

It is also important to have the iCloud email accounts and passwords ready along with any device PINs for our setup.