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Shocking Content on Your Children's Devices?

Unsupervised cell phone and device usage is concerning one assistant principal in middle school. He shared his concerns with Good Morning America.

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Check out the full article and video on GMA below:

Including a snippet from the article:

"Parents. I am an assistant principal in a middle school (grades 6-8). My No. 1 job is to create and sustain a school environment where both students and teachers feel safe (physically, emotionally and mentally) to teach, learn, innovate and socialize. I take my job very seriously, as do my colleagues, and we work very hard to grow in our capacity to do our job on a daily basis.

I can’t begin to describe how much time I spend every day dealing with issues that stem from unsupervised cellphone usage by our students. In situations where I have to search a student's cellphone I often get sick to my stomach at what I find (highly inappropriate photos, videos, messages, social media usage, etc). The things our students are willing to try and be a part of at such a young age gets worse and worse every year." - Good Morning America

Click here to read the full article on Good Morning America

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