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Kids, Digital Wellness & Surviving COVID-19

Updated: May 22, 2020

Kim Muench - Certified Parent Coach published the following article in our local newspaper and had the following to say about digital wellness in our homes today. Screen Time Pros is ready to help any family looking to establish or optimize their digital parenting plan. We have remote and on-site options available.

"Adam has been an IT consultant for more than 25 years, supporting individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and several corporate enterprise environments. In addition, he has 10+ years of managing healthcare and banking data bound to HIPAA/ePHI/PCI rules, regulations and auditing.

Earlier this year Adam made the decision to focus 100% of his time and effort on Screen Time Pros with one goal in mind, to help parents make sense of all of the technology used in their homes, leverage parental controls, and configure them in a way to become the best digital parents, ever!

Adam and his wife Diana are co-parenting his two preteen daughters and have been able to create a positive digital environment in both the girl’s homes. He is both sensitive and knowledgeable in helping blended families navigate this issue.

When I asked Adam who his ideal client is, he said, “Any household with kids who have tech, the younger the better, in order to establish good habits early. I can set up profiles for each child and each device.”

I have a feeling Adam is going to be very busy once we’re out of lockdown. You can learn more about his services at or call him at 817-312-4771.

None of us wants our kids to be brain numb by the time this thing is over so get clear, get on the same page, and get those rules in place by sitting down with your kids and talking it through today!" - Kim Muench - Certified Parent Coach

Click here to read the full article on the Cross Timbers Gazette

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