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Google Safe Search and YouTube Restricted Mode

Are you leveraging Safe Search and Restricted mode for your children? See below for more details on these two critical features. We can help ensure all of your kids devices are setup properly. Schedule anytime - Screen Time Pros

"SafeSearch is a tool provided by Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing that eliminates sexually explicit content from these sites' search results. YouTube's Restricted Mode is similar, but for their videos. Note: Circle is only capable of enforcing YouTube's most limiting version of Restricted Mode. " - Circle Support

"When SafeSearch is on, sexually explicit video and images will be filtered from Google Search result pages, along with results that might link to explicit content.

When SafeSearch is off, we'll provide the most relevant results for your search and may include explicit content when you search for it." - Google Support

"Restricted Mode was created to provide viewers who wanted to better control the content they see on YouTube with an option to choose an intentionally limited YouTube experience." - YouTube Support

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