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Current Popular Video Games and Ratings You Need to be Aware of!

Are your kids into gaming? Here is a breakdown on some of the common games kids are playing today. (click to see the blog here)

Parents, pay close attention to game ratings. Game ratings are much like movie ratings. The content in the 17+ games are as bad if not worse than an rated R movie.

  • ESRB A - Adults only

  • ESRB M - 17 and up

  • ESRB T - Teens

  • ESRB E 10 - Everyone 10 and up

  • ESRB E - Everyone

The ratings consider things like alcohol, blood, gore, violence, sexual content and bad language.

Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty are realistic enough to be in line with a Rated R movie and should be played by adults only!

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