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Protect your children's eyes by preventing inappropriate content

Screen Time Pros - Digital Parenting Consultants

Screen Time Pros - On site, proactive device management for your family. Helping parents ensure internet safety and appropriate family device activity by implementing controls like Screen Time and Disney Circle.  We put the control back in the hands of parents. 

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Screen Time Pros - Parental Controls

Without parental controls, giving your children their own tablet, phone, computer, streaming TV or gaming console can be extremely problematic down the road. Setting boundaries, such as which apps your children can use, which content they can access and see, and how much time they spend on their devices, will give you control over the technology used in your home. 




Notice Regarding COVID-19


Our on site services are currently available. We wear masks into homes, sanitize often and practice safe social distancing. We will not schedule any on-site visits if we have any symptoms and ask that our clients defer any appointments out 14 days if they or anyone they have had contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. As of yet, no one from Screen Time Pros, our family, friends or any of the families we have worked with have tested positive for COVID-19. 

If you feel more comfortable scheduling a remote session, give us a call. We will be more than happy to walk you through the process remotely. 

Apple Screen Time

For iPhone, iPad, MacBook devices.

Screen Time Pros - Apple Devices

Disney Circle*

Android, Apple, Xbox, PlayStation and more!

Screen Time Pros - Disney Circle Home Plus

*Includes Disney Circle Home Plus Device

Screen Time + Circle*

Combine both services for complete coverage.

Screen Time Pros - Apple Plus Circle



*Includes Disney Circle Home Plus Device

Bundling both packages will ensure you are covering all of your devices. This includes Apple, Android, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TV's, etc. Circle packages include a One year Circle membership adding additional functionality for your children's devices, allowing the management to extend beyond your home network.

Our pricing is simple. Our hourly rate is $100 an hour. Service intervals can range from 2-5 hours. If you already own a Disney Circle, we will subtract the $135 from your service fee. Additional time is generally needed when there are multiple children and devices in the home or when updates are required. 

We service the Dallas, Fort Worth area. We will also travel to any city in the U.S. We offer a substantial discount for groups of 10 or more. We love working with mommy groups, so please spread the word and save you and your fellow parents some money!  Please contact us with any questions or for more details on any of our services.

Questions or looking to schedule? Contact us by phone or email, we are ready to assist.


We have availability evenings and weekends so that you can fit us into your schedule!

Appointments range from 2 - 5 hours on average, depending on the services selected and number of devices. 

Please make sure all devices, user names, passwords and PINs are available during your appointment.

It is strongly recommended you are running the latest OS available on all devices. We are happy to perform the updates for you and will bill for any additional time that update installations require.

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