Disney Circle Setup - Parental Network Controls Fine Tuned for Your Family

Disney Circle Home Plus is great for families using a mix of internet connected devices at home. Unlike screen time, Circle works with any device connected to your network at home. Individual profiles are setup for each child and then their devices are added to their profiles. You can set custom filters, track online usage and even pause the internet with a click of a button from your smartphone! The Circle Home Plus membership is included for 1 year and adds additional features to manage your children's devices even when they aren't home or connect to other networks.

circle key features

Screen Time Pros - Circle Limts
Screen Time Pros - Circle Downtime
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Set Limits: Website filters, safe search, and site restrictions can block traffic to popular social media services. Circle only restricts the provisioned profiles.

Downtime: Establish time limits for weekdays and weekends.

Bedtime: Block out devices from accessing the internet when they should be sleeping. Set weekdays separate from weekends.

Pause: Stop the internet for a single profile with the click of a button!

Location: Track the location of your children's phone or device.

Usage: View and review real time online usage, broken down by service and site. Set time limits directly from the usage screen.

History: View browser history and filter out sites you want to restrict.

Rewards: Extend bedtime hours to allow for extra time online, set an extended time limit or disable off time altogether.

Screen Time Pros - Circle Usage

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High Level Requirements:

Disney Circle will need to join your home network router, either WiFi or LAN. Circle can be used to limit internet services on any device; Android, Apple, PlayStation, Xbox and Smart TV's. 

Requirements for Parents: 

It is recommended at least one or both parents have a smartphone or tablet. Circle works with Android, Apple iPhone and iPad's too! Please make sure at least one of these devices are available during our session.

Requirements for your Children:

Your children must be using devices that are utilizing the internet. Circle is especially helpful in limiting game time on PlayStation, Xbox and even computer games on their PC or Mac. I have families that also like to limit streaming time on Smart TVs or streaming devices like Apple TV or Fire Stick.

Physical Access:

All devices must be available on site for configuration and validation. We will also show you how to add new devices as they are acquired later.