About Us

-- Hello --

I'm Adam Fitzgerald, owner of Screen Time Pros. My wife and two girls live in Flower Mound, TX, just north of Dallas. We are a blended family and have a positive and effective co-parenting plan in place. I feel it is important for (both parents/partners) or (both households) to be on the same page when it comes to digital parenting. 


-- My Background --

I have been an IT consultant for the past 25 years, supporting large corporate enterprise environments as well as small to medium-sized businesses. Additionally, I have a roster of individual clients I work with to assist with ongoing PC support as well as digital parenting and management. I have more than 10 years of managing healthcare and banking data bound to strict and confidential HIPAA / ePHI / PCI rules, regulations and auditing. My relationships with my clients are maintained at the highest ethical standards.

-- The Great Escape --

In 2019, I made the decision to focus 100% of my time and effort on Screen Time Pros. I had one goal: to help make sense of all of the technology used in your homes, leverage parental controls and configure them in a way to make you the best digital parents, ever. 

Family Counselor Approved - Digital Parenting Experts

digital parenting experts

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Our onsite services and real world experience sets us apart from your standard IT support shop. We work closely with licensed professional counselors to stay up to date on the latest trends, threats and overall concerns parents have. We provide a turnkey digital parenting solution, ensuring that all of your devices are configured properly and can be easily managed by parents.

proactive vs reactive

Proactive measures, especially earlier on in childhood, make it easier to control the rules in your house regarding technology. As children get older, parents can make informed decisions on which apps or sites can be used and how much time they spend on technology. 

Reacting to situations can be tricky when we are dealing with teens and sometimes can turn into a cat and mouse game, but it can be accomplished. Some of the common concerns I get are:

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"My child was contacted by a man on social media, shes only 13! How can we prevent that?"


"How can we keep my child from loading apps I don't approve?"

"My son stays up all night gaming and his grades are suffering."

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Privacy and security

We do not collect or retain any of your personal information. All devices setup in Screen Time or Circle are configured on the family devices only. Only the parents or device operators retain private information. Credentials can be managed and changed anytime by their owners. 

Why screen time pros?

Screen Time Pros - Why

We have close working relationships with many licensed professional family counselors in the DFW and North Texas area, to help their patients’ families control or regain control of technology used within their homes. It is a topic that does come up often in counseling sessions, because parents are anxious about what their children are exposed to online. I have been instrumental in helping these families implement effective and necessary parental controls that help!

As a parent myself, I am always reviewing the latest settings and features available to make sure that we, as a family, are doing all we can to protect our children.